IGF Chairman and Offworld Co-Founder Needs Your Help

A GoFundMe crowd-funding campaign has launched to raise money for games journalist Brandon Boyer, who was left with over $100,000 in medical bills after his insurance company Humana refused to pay them, using a "pre-existing condition" clause in his insurance policy. Keep in mind that Boyer's surgery, which saw part of his small intestine and liver removed, happened before the Affordable Care Act went into effect.

Brandon is a former news editor at Gamasutra, an accomplished musician, a co-founder of the Boing Boing video game blog Offworld, the founder of the Offworld-successor called Venus Patrol and the chairman of the Independent Games Festival.

Brandon's fight with cancer, chronicled here, has been compounded by the fact this his insurance company's callousness has put him into serious, seemingly insurmountable debt. Here's what Brandon says led him to ask for help:

"It's always been extremely hard for me to ask for help from anyone, but outside coming under the patronage of an eccentric billionaire (still working on this, no luck so far), I don't have much recourse left to climb out from under this, and so I started this campaign to help tell my story and ask for some assistance."

"The silver lining is that I'm still alive & I'm back on my feet & my health is stable for now — I get regular monthly treatment meant to slow my decline, and my first post-surgery scan came back with essentially good news — and also that the support I've had throughout all of this has been incredible."

You can help Brandon raise the rest of the money he needs by visiting his GoFundMe page. Even a small donation is a big help and greatly appreciated.

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