Swedish Government Wants Your Game Ideas

The Swedish government has launched a new web site called Democreativity that crowd sources game ideas and elevates concepts such as democracy, creativity, and diversity. The site is a new initiative created by Visit Sweden, the Swedish Institute, and Business Sweden in conjunction with that country’s video games industry.

The site collects "international ideas" on ways to develop games featuring alternative formats, characters, gameplay, story lines, heroes and heroines, ways to win, and more, according to TheNextWeb. After a fair amount of ideas are collected, experts from the video games industry and the community will sort through all the submissions and craft a "creative brief" that will be available to everyone who wants to create a game. The brief will also be shared with students at Sweden’s University of Skövde, who will be tasked with developing a number of games using those ideas as part of their curriculum.

You can learn more about it and submit your wild and crazy game ideas at www.democreativity.com. The only real requirement is that your game idea must conform to Swedish law.

Source: TheNextWeb

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