Brandon Boyer Cancer Relief Fund Surpasses $100K

We are happy to report that – as of this writing – Brandon Boyer's Cancer Treatment Relief Fund on GoFundMe has passed the $100,000 mark. Boyer is the Chair of the Independent Games Festival, a former news editor at Gamasutra, an accomplished musician, and a co-founder of the Boing Boing video game blog Offworld, and its spiritual successor called Venus Patrol.

If you want to hear how Brandon came to ask the community for help paying his medical bills, you can read his story here. The short story is that his insurance company screwed him over because he had a "pre-existing condition."

You can help Brandon out by visiting his GoFundMe page. On a related note, if you want to pay through PayPal, you could buy the Devolver Digital Double Debut Bundle, which is supporting both Brandon Boyer's cause and The Film Collaborative. You can decide where the money for the bundle goes by choosing a customized amount in the payment section of the site. It should be noted that, while you can give 100 percent of what you want to pay for this bundle to charity, it will be split between Brandon's cause and The Film Collaborative.

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