GLaDOS and The Sniper Team Up To Promote GaymerX2

Organizers of GaymerX2 have released a new video featuring Ellen McLain (the voice of GLaDOS in Portal) and John Patrick Lowrie (the man who brings The Sniper to life in Team Fortress 2) urging the gaming community to attend the second annual LGBTQ friendly gaming convention taking place July 11 – 13 at the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco – and to contribute to the ongoing Kickstarter to fund the event. You can check out the video to your left.

The Kickstarter was launched in late February and has raised over $18,000 so far. In February, organizers announced that BioWare's David Gaider (writer for the Dragon Age series), "Meet Grindr" author and Gamercamp co-founder Jaime Woo, Borderhouse author Mattie Brice, Reddit co-founder and internet activist Alexis Ohanian, IGDA's Gordon Bellamy, sci-fi author John Scalzi, and WWE Superstar Darren Young will be attending this year's event. They also announced the various panels, appearances and fun events that will take place during the show. You can find all that information on the Kickstarter page.

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    Wymorence says:

    I'm still picketing NASA's offices demanding they instate GLaDOS as their official mascot after they put out the fission/fusion video about a week back. Seriously, who better than the (slightly more homicidal) reincarnation of the HAL 9000 to be the spokeswoman for space exploration?

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