Xbox Exec Praises SCEA CEO Jack Tretton

Xbox executive Phil Spencer has publicly praised outgoing Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton, who has been one of Microsoft's chief rivals for the last decade or so. Tretton announced yesterday that he will leave his post as president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America on March 31.

"Jack Tretton has been a strong leader in our industry for many years. Good luck to him whatever he decides to do next," Spencer said on Twitter after the news became public. "I've only known Jack for about a year but he's always been a true pro with me."

"I don't think Jack's next move will be here at Microsoft," Spencer added.

It would be odd if he did after spending over a decade singing the praises of the PlayStation and Sony brand and occasionally saying unflattering things about its company rivals including Microsoft and Nintendo…

Source: GameSpot

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