Xbox One Twitch Live Streaming Now Available

After a long wait Twitch game streaming is now available to Xbox One users. Twitch live broadcasting allows Xbox One owners to live stream their gameplay footage online in almost the exact same way that it does on PS4. The only caveat is that Twitch streaming is restricted to Xbox Live Gold users only – but you can't do much without Xbox Live gold on Xbox One or Xbox 360 anyway. Once the app is set on your Xbox One, you access Twitch broadcasting by saying, "Xbox Broadcast" to their Kinect sensor.

The streaming app has proven to be popular with PS4 users, who have had access to it for quite some time and have flooded Twitch with thousands of gameplay videos. No doubt Xbox One users will be streaming a lot of Titanfall for the rest of the week… Titanfall launches today in North America and Microsoft and Twitch timed the launch of the app to take advantage of that fact.

You can learn more about Twitch on Xbox One by visiting

Source: CVG

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