Flappy Bird Creator May Re-Release Game, Working on Three Other Titles

While Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen may have pulled his popular iOS and Android app from both stores because it was "too addictive" (despite making a lot of money off the free game), at the time he said that he would continuing developing and releasing games.

Speaking to Rolling Stone recently, Nguyen revealed what he is working on now and the possibility of his new app being released later this month. Expanding on his explanation for pulling Flappy Bird from the Apple App Store and Google Play earlier this year, Nguyen said that he felt guilty for creating a game that contributed to children doing poorly in school because they were playing his game too much. He could relate because he felt the same way about Counter-Strike at one time.

Nguyen also said that he has already started working on multiple games. He has been able to quit his day job and focus on living a better life by spending some of that Flappy Bird money to buy a Mini Cooper, an apartment, and other luxuries that were out of his reach in his native Vietnam.

So what games is he currently working on? He's working on a game called "Kitty Jetpack," an action chess game called "Checkonaut," and an untitled cowboy-themed shooter. Checkonaut will be out as early as this month.

As for the future of Flappy Bird, Nguyen has not given up on the game; he may re-release it with a warning urging to players to "please take a break."

Source: Rolling Stone

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