Joel Green, The Inspiration for ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ Passes Away

It is with deep regret that we report that Joel Green, the young child who is the inspiration for That Dragon, Cancer, has passed away. This heartbreaking news comes from the That Dragon, Cancer website and an update to Joel's personal website. No further information was given on how Joel died, but it is likely that his untimely death was related to his ongoing struggle with cancer – a struggle he and his family have endured since he was diagnosed with the illness at age 1.

Joel was the inspiration for That Dragon, Cancer, created by writer Amy Green, her husband game developer Ryan Green, and several other indie game developers. The autobiographical adventure game for the Ouya takes players on a journey into the world of the Green family as they struggle to raise and support their son in the face of his illness.

In announcing Joel's passing on the blog, a picture (to your left) was posted along with the heartbreaking caption, "Joel took his last breath at 1:52am."

You can learn more about the game inspired by Joel's life here. You can also support the family by purchasing a children's book inspired by Joel's life at the That Dragon, Cancer website.

We offer our most heartfelt condolences to the Green family on their tragic loss. RIP, sweet little prince.

Source: Gamaustra

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