Poll: How Should GOG Handle Regional Pricing?

A couple weeks ago, Good Old Games announced that it would be instituting regional pricing (some regions would pay more or less for the same title than other regions) for titles it otherwise wouldn't be able to make available on its digital distribution platform.

The decision was not popular.

So, earlier this week, GOG announced that it had changed its mind and would do everything in its power to institute flat worldwide pricing.

This decision could limit the amount of games that GOG is able to offer because some publishers insist on regional pricing.  GOG says that, for now, if it has to go the regional pricing route, it will make up the price difference (between your region and a cheaper one) with game codes.  There's no guarantee that offer will always be on the table and GOG may be forced to simply not offer specific games for sale.  On the other hand, maybe GOG's aggressive pursuit of flat worldwide pricing will convince more and more publishers to stop price gouging certain territories just 'cause they can.

And so, I ask you readers: how should GOG handle regional pricing?  Should it draw a hard line on the subject even if that means fewer games are available for you to buy?  Should it only implement regional pricing if there's absolutely no other way to get a game on its service?  Heck, if you think regional pricing is or could be a good thing, let us know by voting in this week's poll.

Fill the comments and our mailbox (SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com) with your opinions and we'll discuss them along with our own thoughts when we reveal the poll results on next week's podcast.  And now, if I may change the subject…


-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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