PSA: EA Launches Titanfall Troubleshooting Tips Page

If you are having issues with the Xbox One or PC version of Titanfall, EA and Respawn may have a fix for you on its Titanfall Known Issues and Troubleshooting Information page. The page addresses common bugs encountered in the game and offers work-arounds for some of them. It also lists "gameplay-affecting issues we're currently aware of and tracking," says EA.

Save an Xbox Live outage on Tuesday night, Respawn's first game had a fairly successful and stable multiplayer launch on Xbox One, and very little trouble on the PC.

Below is a list of the topics covered on the 'known issues' page (provided by CVG).

Installation: – Titanfall cannot be installed on 32-bit systems
– Troubleshooting installation fails at 20% and 31%
– Hard-drive related installation issues

– Connection errors and infinite loop when trying to connect on slower internet connections

Crashing & In-game
– Crashing when accepting an invitation to a match in progress while currently in a match
– Players randomly assigned to the IMC or Militia when starting Campaign

Hardware – Kinect cannot be used for voice-comms, and Voice and microphone functionality on PC
– Some Intel processors must install specific beta graphics drivers

Titanfall is available on PC and Xbox One in North America and will be rolled out in other regions throughout the rest of the week. The Xbox 360 version of the game is set for release March 25 in the US and March 28 in Europe.

Source: CVG

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