Microsoft: Xbox One Controller Will Work on PCs, Contrary to Rumors

March 14, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

While people are trying their best to hack the Xbox One controller this week to make it work on the PC, Microsoft say that such functionality is on the way at some point, and strongly pushed back at any suggestion that Microsoft didn't have plans to provide support for it on PC. Speaking in this NeoGAF thread, Microsoft director of product planning Albert Penello said that reports suggesting that Xbox One controllers will not work on PC are flat-out wrong.

"This is 100% wrong," Penello said about the rumors. "When the drivers become available, they will work with the existing controllers. There is no plan to do a new, separate controller that only works on Windows. The Xbox One controller you have today will work."

"It will be the same as it is on Xbox 360," Penello added.

Though you won't need to buy a separate Xbox One controller to play on PC, Penello did say that Microsoft might one day release a special PC-specific Xbox One controller, just as the company offers today for the Xbox 360.

Source: GameSpot

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Re: Microsoft: Xbox One Controller Will Work on PCs, ...

Why would anyone think otherwise?  Do they think Microsoft is not wetting themselves with glee over the fact that the 360 gamepad became the de facto standard gamepad that PC games assume?  Do they think Microsoft does not want that situation to continue?  Of course the Bone pads are going to work on PC.

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