SimCity Offline Mode Being Tested, Nearing Finish Line

If you have been waiting for Electronic Arts and its wholly-owned studio EA Maxis to wrap up work on the offline mode for SimCity, the company's high-profile "always-connected" city builder that garnered a lot of attention for its troubled launch last year, then we have some good news for you: it's nearly complete.

In January Maxis announced plans to add an offline mode to the game and to release mod tools. When the game launched in mid-2013, Maxis said that offline mode wasn't feasible. Clearly EA did a lot of soul searching from that time to the beginning of this year.

When offline mode goes live, players will be able to have access to all of their downloaded content without the need for a constant Internet connection. More importantly, you won't have to be connected to an EA server in order to play the single player campaign.

Here's what Maxis tweeted about the progress of the game's offline mode:

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