Poll Results: GOG.com and Regional Pricing

Last week GOG.com apologized to its users for trying to roll out a regional pricing scheme, saying that it was ultimately a bad idea. This inspired us to ask our readers how the DRM-free digital distribution site should handle regional pricing. A majority (57 percent) of those who voted in the poll said that regional pricing should only be implemented in cases where there's no other way to make a game available for purchase.

Around 27 percent said that regional pricing should never be implemented – even if it meant that customers would have access to fewer games. Finally, 16 percent said that all games should be priced by region.

Thanks to everyone who voted in this week's poll. Look for a new one later this week.

For a more in-depth discussion on the topic, check out the latest episode of Super Podcast Action Committee!

image © 2013, 2014, Shutterstock.com.

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