Steam Offers User Tools to Report Inappropriate Game Content

March 17, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

A new feature on Steam (that has not been launched yet to our knowledge) will allow Steam users to report products that contain inappropriate content like pornographic material or themes, content that violates a law in certain jurisdictions, hate speech, child exploitation, is fraudulent or is some type of malware, etc. The news comes from an image posted by Steam Database.

The feature is similar to Steam Tags, which allows users to add text tags to individual games and software on their associated Steam Store pages. These features join Valve's new reviews system, tags, and new tools that allow developers to configure Steam sales and discounts.

Because some of these categories are fairly broad, it will be interesting to see how Valve tweaks them so that they can't be used to abuse game developers whose content might be found to be offensive to a small minority of people. There are some great examples mentioned by commenters on the SteamDB twitter feed following the publication of the image...

Source: GameSpot

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Re: Steam Offers User Tools to Report Inappropriate Game Content

Ah, ok, I thought this was a thing to report potentially offensive mods on the workshop and thinking "Oh, this will be abused."

While it possibily still will be, this is a cool system.

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