EA v. TWC in First Round Bracket of ‘Worst Company in America’ Contest

The first round brackets for The Consumerist's "Worst Company in America" award have been announced, with plenty of companies familiar to downtrodden consumers for their poor service, generally bad attitudes towards customers, and policies that make using their products and services a living hell for some. Of note to video game fans is Electronic Arts going up against Time Warner Cable in the first round.

That's a tough choice, particularly for people who have to use Time Warner's services. EA has the dubious distinction of being the only game company in the list this year too. But it has some very tough competition from the likes of PayPal/eBay, Facebook, Comcast, several credit card companies, a gaggle of retailers, and even Kock Industries (who have been known to fund a number of Conservative leaning superpacs).

I think Electronic Arts might actually have a shot of losing in the first round against Time Warner Cable, and if Liberal-minded publications and readers get wind that Koch Industries is in the mix, it could prove to be a blowout for the billionaire brothers.

We'll keep you posted on EA's progress in this year's fight for the worst of the worst. Thanks to E. Zachary Knight for the tip on this.

You can check out the first round brackets here.

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