Kickstarter-Funded Game ‘Super Action Squad’ Put On Hold

In 2012 Jay Pavlina raised $53,509 on Kickstarter for a game called Super Action Squad. Flash forward to 2014 and we learn that the game is now "on hold" as Pavlina admits that he bit off more than he could chew with this project, calling it "a bad idea in the first place." The news is a stark reminder that you are investing in something when you back a Kickstarter project, and sometimes you lose money on investments.

In a blog post on his website Pavlina ticks off a list of reasons why the project has struggled for the last two years and why he has made the decision to put the whole thing on the back burner. While there are a lot of factors he cites, it looks like he puts the bulk of the failure on an unseasoned development team that didn't produce content in a timely fashion and his own mistake of under-estimating the costs of developing a full-fledged game.

"Knowing what I know now, I would never have launched a Kickstarter for this game as my first project," Pavlina wrote. "It makes little sense for a team with little to no experience that has never worked together to try to make a big game. It would be much better to focus on something small and simple. After getting experience releasing small projects, we would be able to work our way up to bigger ones."

Those looking for a refund from this investment will likely learn a valuable lesson about Kickstarter: once you put that money down, you might not ever get a return on your investments. Here's what Pavlina had to say about refunds:

"I do not know exactly what to do for backers of this project," Pavlina wrote. "Feel free to give us your suggestions. People that invested a lot of money should contact us to see what we can work out. We are very reasonable people, and we want to help everyone to feel as satisfied as possible, but we are also limited in our capabilities. Please do not expect miracles, but understand that we will make an honest effort to make people happy. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to try to work something out. Please understand that it is impossible for us to offer a significant amount of refunds right now, but we expect that to change in the future."

You can read Pavlina's entire post here.

Source: Kotkau

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