2014 Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest Launches

Intel has launched its annual indie game development contest, with the promise of big names judging submissions and big prizes to indie developers who manage to win in a total of 11 different categories. The competition, the 2014 Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest is accepting submissions now and until June 2.

Indie developers can submit full Windows games (alpha and beta builds are okay) or demos, to a range of categories for consideration, along with supporting media like screenshots or videos. The entries will be judged by seasoned game developers including Rami Ismail, Chris Avellone, Chris Taylor, Tim Schafer, Wolfgang Engel, Nathan Vella, and Marc Saltzman.

Categories include Game of the Year, Best Puzzle/Physics Game, Best Platformer Game, Best Adventure / Role Playing, Best Action Game, Best Game – Open Genre (game demo that does not fit into above 4 genres), Best Art Design, Best Sound, Best Game with 3D Graphics, Best Character Design, and Best Use of Game Physics.

Details on the contest can be found here. There you can find more information on prizes, the judges, "terms and conditions," and a list of past winners.


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