No Video Game Industry Tax Relief in 2014 UK Budget

The 2014 budget has been passed in the United Kingdom, but once again this year tax relief for the video games industry in the region were not included. UKIE CEO Jo Twist described the ongoing struggle to get tax relief included in the budget "frustrating." The campaign for tax relief similar to what is enjoyed by the film and TV industries has been going on for years, but there were high hopes from the sector and the trade groups representing it in the UK that it would happen this year.

"The ongoing delay to the UK games tax relief scheme has been very frustrating for UK developers," UKIE boss Jo Twist told GamesIndustry International.

A small provision was added for video games and high-end television development, but requires European Commission approval. An earlier attempt at putting a litmus test including cultural aspects that were positive to the region – was rejected by the European Commission last year. Despite the bad news, Twist sounds hopeful that video game industry tax relief will make it into a budget.

"Whilst there was not any announcement about the European Commission's decision in this year's budget, we continue to be confident that our case is strong and that we will receive word from the EC soon," Twist concluded.

Source: Eurogamer

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