Crytek Offers $10 CryEngine Subscription for Indie Developers

Hot on the heels of Epic Games announcing that it would offer a monthly subscription plan to allow anyone to license its Unreal Engine 4 technology, Crytek is offering a similar deal for its CryEngine technology – for about $9 less. Crytek announced this week during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco that it would offer the CryEngine for $9.90 a month per user. Epic Games announced earlier in the week that it would offer UE4 for $19 a month with a five percent royalty on any games created and sold.

"We are happy to announce now that the latest update of CryEngine will soon be available to all developers on a subscription basis. We are really excited to make CryEngine available to hundreds of thousands of developers working with Crytek to make awesome games."

Besides undercutting Epic on its price, Crytek stressed that licensing its engine does not attach a royalty fee on games created with the technology.

The CryEngine SDK is already free for anyone to try, but future improvements and features will only be made available to the subscription version of the SDK. Traditional game studios can only use CryEngine through a separate licensing model.

One caveat to this announcement is that the subscription fee only applies to "indie developers," and Crytek has not explained how it determines who is and isn't and indie developer…

We will have more on this story as it becomes available, but at the end of the day having more than one reasonably priced option to develop games is always a good thing. Indie developers will have to decide which engine serves their needs the best versus how much it ultimately costs them.

Source: CVG

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