Feminist Frequency Removes Fan Art From Tropes vs Women Banner

Last week we reported that artist Tamara Gray was upset that Feminist Frequency had used her fan art in its Tropes vs. Women in Video Games banner without her permission or any accreditation.

A couple days ago, Feminist Frequency addressed this issue on its Tumblr and clarified that the use of Gray's art was an accident; it had mistaken her illustration for official promotional material.  While it maintains that the transformative use of Gray's art still falls under fair use, it has replaced her drawing of Dragon Lair's Princess Daphne with official art "as a gesture of goodwill."

The old banner is above.  Here's the new banner:

Feminist Frequency goes on to clarify that "the Tropes vs Women project is a nonprofit endeavor. We never place ads on any of our episodes and always make our videos available for free to everyone on YouTube. For those that may be interested, Feminist Frequency is registered as a public-benefit nonprofit corporation in the state of California."

For her part, Gray responded to the art swap on her blog:

"Anita, thank you so very very much for doing the right thing and finally removing my artwork as I had kindly requested. This is a fantastic first step to recognizing the rights of digital content creators such as myself, and a wonderful example for content creators of different disciplines to try to communicate and work together."
"In the future, please consider using proper academic citations in your work for any content you use that is not your own— it’s the easiest and most professional way to avoid situations like this in the future and completely avoid any allegations of plagiarism from detracting from your own message."

Source: femfreq.tumblr.com via EZK, CowKitty.net

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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