Console and Mobile Versions of Terraria Hit Major Milestones

Publisher 505 Games passed along word that Terraria on mobile platforms – including iOS and Android devices – has been purchased 1.3 million times since the game was released. The popular 2D open world action RPG originally created for the PC by Re-Logic, is also enjoying great success on consoles, according to 505 Games. The Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and PS Vita versions of the game have been downloaded one million times, according to the company.

To-date sales for the Terraria for PC from Re-Logic were not divulged by 505 Games because it does not publish that particular version of the game.

The continued success of Terraria can be attributed to the ongoing development of the game on all platforms. 505 Games is working on bringing the 1.2 PC update to consoles currently, though an exact date for deployment has not been revealed as of this writing beyond the company saying it will be released on Xbox Live and PSN "sometime this spring."

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