Nexon: We’re Letting Mobile Game Consumers Down

Free-to-play MMO company Nexon says that the mobile games industry has let consumers down. Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney said that consumers are not being given content they deserve and has accused cloning of popular games on various App stores as a big part of the problem.

"As an industry haven't delivered that for gamers yet," he told GamesBeat. "A third of what we've done in the last few months is Flappy Bird clones. We're letting consumers down. I know that, because as a consumer, I really want to play a different kind of game than just a casual, short-format game. I want to play a more immersive experience."

While Mahoney pointed out that a third of all games being approved on the App Store were clones on Flappy Bird, he also said that he sees a brighter future for mobile as games become closer and closer to PC titles.

"I think the platforms are converging. At some point, it'll be all mobile or all PC. It'll be all the same thing. That's how we think about it. We're not solving toward a mobile percentage. What I expect is a natural outcome of the types of things we're doing, as mobile devices become stronger under the hood."

Last month, shortly after taking the post, Mahoney said that Nexon was interested in acquiring North American IP to add to the company's product line-up.

Source: GII

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