Researchers Use Tetris To Reduce Cravings

Researchers in the United Kingdom have found that playing Tetris helps reduce the cravings of those with addictions to food. The study, which was recently published in the scientific journal Appetite, was designed to test the Elaborated Intrusion Theory, which posits that cravings are connected to visualization as much as they are desire in a subject. Researchers tested this theory using a visual-intensive task on patients using the popular puzzle game Tetris.

Researchers tested 119 college students, who were asked to describe their cravings prior to being tested. After that the game would either load or produce an error message (the error message group was the control group). Students who successfully completed a game saw their cravings reduced by 24 percent more than those who did not play, according to researchers.

While Tetris was the visual test of choice, Jackie Andrade, Plymouth University psychology professor and co-author of the study, tells NBC that any type of visual test will produce results – which could include television or other mediums. Still, Andrade says that her research shows that better results were found with video games…

Source: Joystiq

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