Developer: Steam Greenlight Will Be Gone in 12 Months

Curve Studios design director Jonathan "Bidds" Biddle has found himself in the spotlight today after tweeting that Valve will be making dramatic changes to its Steam Greenlight program. Biddle said on Twitter that the system, which lets users cast a "Yes" or "No" votes on pitches for potential products to be listed on Steam, will be gone by this time next year.

The news isn't entirely a shock; Valve boss Gabe Newell said in January that his company had always planned to get rid of Greenlight eventually…

"Our goal is to make Greenlight go away," Newell reportedly said. "Not because it's not useful, but because we're evolving."

That evolution includes giving developers who already have a relationship with Valve on the platform the ability to control discounts and to take part in sales, and have better access to tools within the system.

Source: CVG

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