'Free To Play' Documentary Viewed 5.5 Million Times

March 25, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Valve Software's documentary, "Free To Play," has been downloaded and viewed over 5.5 million times in the first two days of its public release, according to an announcement from the company this week.

The documentary was released last week via Twitch, YouTube, iTunes, Steam and other popular online platforms. It has been well received by both critics and the viewing public, with an average IMDB 9.3 user rating. Created by Valve, Free to Play takes an intimate look into the lives of three professional Dota 2 players. All three speak different languages, live on different continents (Asia, North America, and Europe), and share a passion for the same online game.

You can learn more about the film here, and check out the trailer for the film to your left.


Re: 'Free To Play' Documentary Viewed 5.5 Million Times

I should have watched it on youtube. I did it through stream, and it was a 5.1G download. 

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