Sony 'Considering' Pre-Loading Software Option for PS4

March 25, 2014 - GamePolitics Staff

Sony says that it is considering allowing software to be "pre-loaded" on to its PlayStation 4 console. Speaking to Polygon, a Sony rep. told the publication that the company is aware that consumers want this feature.

"We know that it is the feature you've been asking for and we are considering it accordingly," the representative said. "We do not have specific details to announce at this point in time, but stay tuned for upcoming announcements about system updates and added features."

Last week, several tweets from Infamous: Second Son developer Sucker Punch indicated that Sony planned to bring pre-loading to PS4 sometime in April. A Sony rep. did not confirm that particular date but did say that the company was aware of player requests for the feature.

In May 2012, Sony announced a pre-buy feature, which included the option to download unreleased games that unlock on their respective street dates. Later that year in September Sony announced its "PSN Day 1 Digital" initiative to bring games to the PlayStation Store on the same day that their retail counterparts arrive in stores. Sony offered the service to those who pre-ordered Call of Duty: Ghosts and Grand Theft Auto 5 last year.

Pre-loading would allow customers to download games in advance and play them immediately (barring any last minute updates), similar to what Steam customers can do on PC.

Source: Polygon


Re: Sony 'Considering' Pre-Loading Software Option for PS4

Wow. Consoles once again catch up to something the PC had for 10 years...

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