Chicago Man Plays GTA V While Two-Year-Old Son Suffers From Broken Leg

A Chicago man is being held on $1,000 bond after being arrested for allegedly continuing to play a video game for more than two hours while his two-year-old stepson suffered with a broken leg. According to the Chicago Tribune, 19-year-old Luis Matienzo would not stop playing Grand Theft Auto V – even as his stepson sat crying in a playpen because he was suffering from a broken leg.

Matienzo didn't stop playing until it was time to pick his wife up from work. It was at that time that he decided to seek medical attention for the toddler on March 13. He was arrested later that day and charged with misdemeanor child endangerment. While the report doesn't emphatically state how police became aware of the incident, it's probably not a leap to assume that doctors at the hospital called them after examining the child.

Matienzo played “Grand Theft Auto V” for two-and-a-half hours that day “while knowing that the (child) was injured with a leg injury, later found to be a broken right leg,” court records state. Matienzo told police he was aware the child’s leg was injured, but that he left the boy in his playpen crying while he played the game, according to records.

The mother was not charged and authorities have not said how the child's leg was injured.

You can check out a video report below:

Source: Chicago Tribune. Image via. Thanks to Sean Brockest for the tip.

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