Launches ‘GameCrate’

Online retailer has officially launched an editorial site this morning called GameCrate. The website will offers consumers visiting a place to read the latest news, reviews, and features related to video game hardware and software, original video content and the latest game-related trailers, live eSports event coverage, and professional advice on the latest hardware and technology.

A representative for the gaming site told us yesterday afternoon that GameCrate's editorial staff is made up of current Newegg employees and that the site plans to expand the staff and ramp up content using freelance writers to build a "balanced, objective editorial staff." promises that the site will have editorial independence, and visitors can see that Newegg's vast catalog of products are neatly integrated into the site for easy access where appropriate.

While the site is fairly new, it has been quietly populated with editorial content over the last month, with fresh content expected today as it gets introduced to the public. You can check out the freshly launched site at We wish them the best of luck and look forward to reading it on a regular basis.

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