Oculus VR Executives ‘Surprised’ By Negative Reaction to Facebook Acquisition

In an interview with Game Informer, Oculus VR vice president of product Nate Mitchell expressed his surprise to the publication about the general negative reception it received from fans concerning the acquisition by Facebook earlier this week.

"We assumed that the reaction would be negative, especially from our core community," Nate Mitchell told Game Informer. "Beyond our core community, we expected it would be positive. I don't think we expected it to be so negative."

But Mitchell says that public opinion on the deal seems to be shifting as the furor dies down.

"As people begin to digest it a bit and think about it, you can see that Twitter and Reddit is swinging back the opposite direction," said Mitchell. "The onus is on us to educate people, and we want to share everything we're doing."

Facebook announced its plans to purchase the virtual reality headset technology company for $2 billion on Tuesday.

"If we can sell hardware at almost no cost, that allows you to pack more quality and components into it," Mitchell added. "The Oculus Rift just became the 'zero compromises' product. It's the best possible thing that can happen."

Source: CVG

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  1. 0
    SeanB says:

    Love the hypocrisy

    "Facebook did something I'm not happy about, I better go on Facebook and tell all my family and friends about how I feel!"

    Almost as good as

    "CNN/Other posted a negative story about facebook, I'd better share it to Facebook!"

  2. 0
    GrimCW says:

    "The Oculus Rift just became the 'zero compromises' product. It's the best possible thing that can happen."


    Zero compromises… Facebook…. umm… what? Facebook is going to find every way they can to  to pan and scan each user for more advertising opportunities… Theres MASSIVE compromises to privacy here. Granted all are essentially going to be covered by some crappy EULA, but they are going to no doubt fish for as much information as they can to sell.

    Where it was going to just be some fun tech to play with, now its going to be the new neilson box. Except instead of getting freebies with it, you pay them to sell your information for nothing in return.


  3. 0
    Craig R. says:

    So he supposedly sees it swinging back the opposite direction on Twitter and Reddit, but no mention of Facebook, the company that just bought them? You would think that would be a big clue.

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