Woman Sues Gree President for ‘Forced Abortion’

A bizarre story out of Japan details a lawsuit against the president of mobile and social gaming giant Gree. According to Sakura Financial News (by way of Kotaku) Gree's current president Yoshikazu Tanaka is being sued by a former girlfriend for allegedly forcing her to have an abortion. Gree is a household name in Japan. A recent profile of the company by Forbes noted that the company's founder is Asia's youngest self-made billionaire.

According to the Japanese publication an unnamed 20-somthing woman met Tanaka in fall 2010. They dated on an off for several years and lived together and Tanaka also rented her an apartment. But according to her lawsuit when she became pregnant and told him about he gave her an undisclosed amount of money and told her, "Even if you have it, nobody would be happy."

The money he left, the publication notes, was supposedly for an abortion. After that Tanaka allegedly stopped talking to the woman. It was at this point, the woman claims, that she "unwillingly had an abortion."

The woman is suing Tanaka for 30 million yen ($293,640) in damages. Legal proceedings began earlier today in a Tokyo District Court, according got Kotaku.

Source: Kotaku

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