Report: Leland Yee’s Gun Deals May Have Supplied Arms to Philippines Rebels

An affidavit by an FBI undercover agent details how California State Senator Leland Yee (and a group he regularly used) allegedly supplied arms to, among others, Muslim rebels in the Philippines. The Philippines government has been in a long running war with rebels, who want to turn Mindanao into an Islamic state.

According to the affidavit, the group supplied arms to Moro rebels in Mindanao through a man named "Dr. Wilson Lim," who would pick up the arms in Cagayan de Oro (a major city in the southern islands) where Yee’s group allegedly landed on a regular basis.

From undercover FBI agent Emmanuel Pascua, Lee had once bragged that it was easy to deal with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) because (then) they were fighting the government. Yee also allegedly claimed that Lim was able to pursue his trade because he had a backer in the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines). M-16 rifles, missiles and rocket launchers were some of the items Lim's group brokered for Yee.

Yee also suggested to the agent that the Philippine government was secretly funding the MILF in order to distract people from many corruption issues.

The irony of this story is Yee's ardent support for gun control laws in California and – using his stature as a child psychologist – to say that violent video games cause real-world violence. He would often point to the most popular games as proof – such as Grand Theft Auto – but many are joking in the wake of these charges that perhaps he was just drawing on his own criminal (alleged at this point, for the record) activities.

Source: Interaksyon

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