Poll Results: Will Leland Yee’s Arrest Negatively Affect the Viability of Anti-Video Game Arguments?

Last week we asked our readers, "Will Leland Yee’s Arrest Negatively Affect the Viability of Anti-Video Game Arguments?" The majority of votes went to the option that basically said anti-game research will continue unabated and unashamed, despite one of its biggest advocates showing that he didn't really care about the issue at all.

Around 62 percent of the vote went for the option, "Nope. Yee’s ilk will successfully scapegoat video games until something scarier comes along." It also shows that our audience is a cynical bunch, but whose opinions are formed by the reality of anti-game research, which continues to use flawed methodology to drive research in the direction they want it to go in.

Around 25 percent of the votes say that no one takes them seriously anyway. While the gaming public may not take them seriously, the less informed – the general public and politicians don't know any better, unfortunately. Finally 13 percent said that, in the wake of Leland Yee's alleged criminal activities, no one will listen to them now.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll – look for a new one later this week. For a more in-depth discussion – guest starring Jeremy Powers – check out the latest episode of Super Podcast Action Committee!

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