FBI Searches Second Leland Yee Senate Office in Sacramento

FBI agents searched another legislative office belonging to suspended California state Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) on Tuesday after lawmakers alerted authorities that Yee had additional office space.

According to KTVU (quoting Mark Hedlund, a spokesman for Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg), the FBI searched a small office on the fifth floor of the Legislative Office Building across the street from the state Capitol. Apparently Senate officials discovered that the office was assigned to Yee's driver and quickly contacted the FBI, who in turn obtained a search warrant. Agents searched Yee's main office in the Capitol last week.

"We did what we would normally do and double-checked to see if there were any other computers or ancillary offices that were assigned to Sen. Yee," Hedlund said. "We contacted the FBI and said, 'Hey, we thought you'd want to know there's this other office with a computer that's connected to Sen. Yee.'"

Gina Swankie, a spokeswoman for the FBI in Sacramento, confirmed that agents had searched the office but would not give any further details. Lawmakers said that the office was used "rarely." The office contained a desk, a computer, and several boxes of unknown materials (we assume documents of some sort).

The search took about two hours and agents did not remove anything, according to Hedlund.

Source: KTVU

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