Rhode Island Speaker Hopes Subpoenas Won’t Be Necessary in 38 Studios Case

The new Rhode Island Speaker of the House, Nicholas Mattiello, says that he is hopeful that it will not be necessary to subpoena witnesses who were in some way involved in the 38 Studios loan guarantee, the Providence Journal reports.

Earlier this week the newly appointed chairwoman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Karen MacBeth (D-Cumberland) said that she hoped to subpoena the key players in the 38 Studios, but Speaker Mattiello hopes that step won't be needed if the sealed court documents were released.

Mattiello told the Providence Journal that he chose MacBeth to chair the Oversight Committee because "she’s an important person on my leadership team and I thought she would do a good job."

He also admitted that "a subpoena is an extraordinary function of the House."

He said an April 11 court hearing may decide whether the depositions taken in the state’s lawsuit against those involved in the 38 Studios project will become public.

"I believe the first order of business is to prosecute that request so we can try to get the depositions unsealed and see what’s contained within the depositions…and where that brings us, and then make future decisions," Mattiello said.

"I would think the court might unseal those depositions and that might resolve the issue," Mattiello added.

The judge overseeing the court case, Superior Court Judge Michael A. Silverstein, is expected to consider the requests for documents on April 11.

Source: Providence Journal

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