‘NotGTA5’ Parody Game Launches, All Proceeds Go To Charity

UK indie developer NotGames has launched a new game called NotGTAV, an extremely low-budget PC parody of Rockstar's popular open-world action adventure, set in the UK. The game lets you: harass sheep in rural Wales, raid a LIDL in Swindon and play as David Cameron in London running over liberals and public sector workers," according to Eurogamer.

The game is available now and is a "pay what you want" deal, with one hundred-percent of the proceeds going to local charity Peer Productions, an arts education charity that teaches teens about social issues through plays, workshops and films.

"This game is absolutely, definitely NOT Grand Theft Auto V," NotGames' Jay Orbaum tells Eurogamer. "The GTA in our 'NotGTAV' doesn't stand for Grand Theft Auto, no, it stands for Great Traffic Adventure. And the V is silent. Like the V in 'lawsuit'."

You can get a look at the game in the video to your left and learn more at its official web site.

Source: Eurogamer

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