Apple Shows Customers How to Get Refunds for ‘Unauthorized In-App Purchases’

Apple has laid out the steps consumers need to take in order to get a refund for unapproved in-app purchases in iOS apps, Polygon reports. The refund process is part of the company's efforts to fulfill its part in a recent $32.5 million settlement of a federal complaint.

"We've heard from some customers that it was too easy for their kids to make in-app purchases," Apple wrote in an email being sent to customers whose accounts have made in-app purchases.

Apple has asked these customers to sign into their iTunes accounts, review their purchase history, and see if there are any purchases made that were not expressly authorized. If they find any, they are urged to go to this support page to file a request for a refund. April 15, 2015 is the deadline to get your money back.

Apple is also pointing customers to this link, which shows them in detail how to restrict future in-app purchases through the settings on their iOS device.

The settlement is the result of a Federal Trade Commission complaint opened last year after complaints from parents who said their children either had made in-app purchases without their consent, or got consent for one purchase that was a blanket approval for future purchases.

Source: Polygon

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