Comcast Named ‘America’s Worst Company’ in The Consumerist’s Annual Competition

Comcast has been named the worst of the worst in The Consumerist's annual "The Worst Company in America" competition – as voted on by readers of the popular pro-consumer web site. The cable operator, which is seeking federal approval for a merger with Time Warner Cable, beat out Monsanto, the chemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation that is now a household name associated with wickedness, in the final round of voting.

SeaWorld, which is still feeling the negative effects of Gabriela Cowperthwaite's powerful Blackfish documentary, almost defeated Comcast in semi-final voting.

Last year Electronic Arts took home the top honor, but didn't make it past the first round of the competition this year.

This is the second "Golden Poo" Award for Comcast (it earned one in 2010). If its merger with Time Warner Cable goes through it may be a shoe-in for next year's award.

Source: The Verge by way of PHX Corp

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