Ultimate Gay Fighter To Be Renamed After Legal Pressure

While Handsome Woman Productions would not "name names," it is hinting that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has forced the indie development studio to change the name of its "gay-themed" fighting game, "Ultimate Gay Fighter." The studio said that it would change the name of the game featuring LGBT characters due to what it called "legal pressure from an unnamed mixed martial arts promotional company."

According to Handsome Woman Productions the company it refused to name "believes the UGF brand and related mobile gaming product threatens one of their reality TV series/fighting competition brand."

"We have a trademark pending, but the prospect of a potential lawsuit is very intimidating," Founder Michael P. Venker said. "We don't have the funds to compete with their take-no-prisoners approach. We offered them solutions, but this company remains firm in believing our Ultimate Gay Fighter brand threatens their brand, despite vast differences in our customer base and product."

A new name has not been announced, though the developer says it will reach out to the fans to pull a new title. The game's content will also remain the same.

In a letter to the game's fanbase, Handsome Woman Productions said the decision wasn't an easy one to make and that they want fans to come up with the new name for Ultimate Gay Fighter.

" … This potential legal situation already delayed the game several months as we deliberated our options. Our mobile gaming product is vastly different from their brand and related products. At the end of the day, our strong belief in releasing this game remains most important, and we did not want to lose everything we have worked so hard for."

"We wanted to give our fans a chance to come up with a new name for Ultimate Gay Fighter, knowing we've had your support throughout this journey — from the fan art you've given us to the heartfelt messages we've received. We owe this to you."

Source: Polygon

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    Sean Thordsen says:

    I could reasonably see it being mistaken for parody too but that's protected – not as well as satire but still protected.  (Hell you could actually make an argument for satire with this game too).

    Frankly I'll bet this is jut the usual case where the guys behind the game don't want to deal with the expensive legal hassle of dealing with the UFC and just buckled under the pressure – which is the reality in these sort of matters, not a pleasant reality but true nonetheless.

  2. 0
    Longjocks says:

    "…sweaty men without shirts on hugging each other"

    It's like people who protest too much over something where later we find out they partake in that particular something. Only this time surely all signs point to these men being attracted to men. This game may be a little too close to home and they're not ready to admit it just yet.

  3. 0
    Thipp says:

    From what little I have seen of UFC fighting it seems to largely involve sweaty men without shirts on hugging each other. So without knowing anything about this game (I have not heard of it before this) I would not assume it was connected to UFC officially but I would definitely assume it was at least a parody of UFC. Obviously parody should be fair game and UFC doesn't own those words so they don't seem to have much to stand on but I can understand why they would at least use intimidation to get the name changed.

  4. 0
    Sean Thordsen says:

    Yeah I'm a bit confused by this one, sometimes I'm willing to defend the companies that assert their IP rights but this one is a little extreme.  It's not like Ultimate Gay Fighter would confuse people into thinking it was a product of the UFC and it's not like the UFC actually owns the rights to the words Ultimate or Fighter (hell they don't even go aver Capcom for Ultimate Street Fighter – apologies if that version doesn't exist, it's hard to keep straight with how many times they've released that under slightly different names).

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