CCP Offers Premium EVE Fanfest HD Streaming Package

EVE Online maker CCP Games announced that it is offering live streaming options for its annual fan celebration EVE Fanfest (May 1-3). Each year, thousands of EVE Online, DUST 514, and now EVE: Valkyrie players from around the world travel to CCP's headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland for three days of celebration of the EVE universe.

This year, those who can't afford the trek to Iceland have other options: CCP will be live streaming the tenth EVE Fanfest in standard definition for free on their Twitch.TV channel and in high definition for a one-time fee of $19.95 USD or one PLEX (which can be obtained on the EVE Online in-game market).

The EVE Fanfest high definition stream package includes three full days of HD programming live from the event; access to the HD stream of the pre-Fanfest livestream with CCP developers who will give exclusive details about what to expect at the big event (to be streamed April 24); a choice of one of four exclusive industry ship skins for EVE Online: the Inner Zone Shipping Iteron (Gallente), Tash-Murkon Bestower (Amarr), Nefantar Mammoth (Minmatar) or Wiyrkomi Tayra (Caldari); digital copies of the Fanfest 2014 "Quafe" T-shirt for EVE Online (one male and one female); and subscriber-only giveaways and chat emotes during streams.

To get the extra subscriber only stuff, you need to purchase it through CCP's EVE Online account management system.

For more information on this year's EVE Fanfest, check out

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