Introducing ‘Rob Ford: The Game’

A new game making fun of Toronto mayor Rob Ford is finding some early success, according to its creators. The free flash game, "Rob Ford: The Game" drops a rotund Mayor Ford into a one-screen platformer made up of Canadian flags. The object of the game is fairly straightforward: collect power-ups like marijuana leaves, crack pipes, and bottles of booze, while avoiding journalists and the police.

The game also features sound bites from Ford, including the infamous comment he made about having oral sex with his wife.

The reason for collecting all these things is apparently to maximize your "Party Score" before a timer labeled "Public Opinion" runs out. When it does, a screen pops up showing a shame-faced Ford and the depressing real-life factoid: "You've been impeached! (actually Canadian mayors can't be impeached)." The game has attracted a lot of attention, according to Nick Mostowich, who created it with his roommate. "Just under 52,000 games have been played today alone," he tweeted yesterday. "I'm humbled. Thank you all so much."

Mostowich also emphasized that his game is "fun legal satire, not a defamation campaign."

You can check out the game at

Source: The Atlantic Cities

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