Last Limb’s ‘Organic Panic’ at PAX East

Indie developer Last Limb will be exhibiting its crowd-funded puzzle platformer Organic Panic at PAX East this weekend in Boston. Organic Panic was recently given the Greenlight by the Steam community and Last Limb signed a publishing deal with indie publishing label Midnight City in the summer of 2013. The publishing deal came after Last Limb successfully funded the game through a Kickstarter campaign.

Last Limb describes Organic Panic is an action puzzle game (similar to Worms) with a keen focus on physics and platforming. Players choose from the forces of meat and dairy or fruits and vegetables in a war of epic proportions. Everything in the game reacts with real world physics, including liquids and destructible environmental elements. Players can also make their own levels by drawing them, dragging and dropping items into the in-game editor, adding enemies and environmental effects like water. These levels can then be shared easily with the community with just a few clicks.

Last Limb will be showing off its game at Booth #398 all weekend alongside publishing partner Midnight City.

For more information on the game, check out the trailer to your left or visit You can check out Last Limb's Facebook page to learn about its full plans at PAX East.

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