Rhode Island House Oversight Panel Meets Today on 38 Studios

The new chairwoman of the House committee that has been looking into the failed 38 Studios deal is holding her first hearing today, according to the Associated Press. Oversight Chairwoman Karen MacBeth has scheduled a hearing later today on issues related to the state’s lawsuit against former Redsox pitcher Curt Schilling and other executives at the now-bankrupt 38 Studios. The state's Economic Development Corp., which originally facilitated the loan way back in 2010, sued Schilling, former officers of the company, former EDC employees and several companies associated with the failed $75 million loan.

MacBeth said last week that she wants to subpoena key figures connected to the deal, though RI House Speaker Nicholas Matielllo has called that an ‘‘extraordinary’’ function of the House. The committee is scheduled to discuss potential witnesses to testify before it at a later date.

The need to subpoena witnesses to testify may not be necessary if depositions from defendants and other parties in the lawsuit are made public – or at least available to the House committee. Parties in the case are due in court Friday. The judge is expected to hear arguments related to the public release of deposition transcripts.

Earlier this year RI lawmakers passed a law making it easier for the state to settle its case with 38 Studios and others.

We will have more on this story as it develops…

Source: Associated Press

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