Target Recommends Parents Buy Kids M Rated Video Games For Easter

Do you give or receive gifts for Easter? I was unaware of the tradition until my wife introduced it to me several years ago. Until then, Easter was about going to Grandma's house and taking part in an Easter egg hunt. The eggs were a mixture of colored boiled eggs and plastic candy-and-money-filled eggs. But apparently people do give gifts on Easter and Target is hoping parents will shop there.

Not only do they want parents to shop there, but its latest ad has recommendations for gifts parents can buy their children, one of which is the M rated FPS Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Of course it is completely up to the parents to decide what games they buy for their kids, but usually that is left to the parents to decide on their own. For Target to recommend an M rated game seems …odd. 

So what do you think? Is this a perfectly valid recommendation or is it a potential sticking point for concerned watchdog groups?

Source: The Consumerist

-Game Politics Correspondent: E. Zachary Knight

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    hellfire7885 says:

    Could this be shooting the bird at a certain disgraced politician?


    Seriously though, aren't these groups made up of the same people that scream about corporate rights when it comes to increasing minimum wage or mandatory paid vacation time?


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    Sean Thordsen says:

    That's what I thought at first too – the trouble is though the advertisement for the toys next to it and the connotation of "find MORE Easter basket fillers" which generally Easter baskets are something given to children.

    I think it was something done out of ignorance and not willfully (an earlier poster mentioned they just wanted to put popular games in and I believe this) but I will say that it does send the wrong impression of the industry and who it is marketing to.

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    BearDogg-X says:

    I don't even think it's so much a recommendation as it is just Target advertising a sale.

    Poor choice, but if it wasn't a oversight(i.e. was intentional), it shows a lot of confidence in their salespeople(then again, they swipe people's driver's license/ID cards like a credit card at the register).

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    MechaTama31 says:

    I think this falls more into a "Ha ha, oops!  That's kind of dumb" category than a "ZOMG THINK OF TEH CHILDRANS!" one.  Someone just wasn't paying attention when they picked one game from each system for the basket.  I doubt very much that Target is deliberately trying to peddle CoD to little tots.

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    Scott1701c says:

    Interesting fact about Christianity. Easter is in fact far more important then Christmas. Even today, many Churches focus longer on Easter.

    Before the major commercialization of Christmas, most Christians would acknowledge it and have many of the traditional draping of Christmas, but it was not a "major" holiday.

    Easter, on the other hand, was a major celebration. A remembrance of Christ overcoming the grave for the Salvation of all people and us finding new and eternal Life through Him. New Clothing was bought for the occasion, presents given out, and singing of His Glory.


    Back on the main topic though. It kind of defeats the purpose of having a ratings system if retailers are going to tell people to ignore it.

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    Cecil475 says:

    Yes, it should be a 'sticking point' for watchdog groups, because heaven forbid we can't choose the right thing for ourselves. We need watchdog groups like the Parents Television Council, and Common Sense Media to tell us what tv shows, movies, and video games we shouldn't consume, and Corporate Accountability International to tell us that we shouldn't eat at McDonald's, and that they shouldn't be allowed to advertise or sell anything at all.

    /Major, major, sarcasm.

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    MechaCrash says:

    I think what happened is they just went "okay we need a Hot Game for each system" and then did not make sure that the game was appropriate for children. I can't think of anything for the PS4 that has a fairly low rating off the top of my head other than Knack, which was awful. Maybe one of the Lego games, like Lego Avengers or something?

    But I think it was less "hey buy these specific games for your kids" so much as whoever put together the ad not paying attention. It wouldn't be the first time.

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