BioWare: No Dragon Age: Inquisitor Character DLC Because of Past ‘On-Disc’ Controversies

BioWare says that it can't offer downloadable character DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisitor because of the controversy surrounding on-disc downloadable content. Some see the excuse as a big FU to fans who have complained in the past that they shouldn't have to pay extra for content already on a game's disc.

Speaking to OXM, Dragon Age: Inquisition creative director Mike Laidlaw said that due to how enmeshed in the rest of the game companions are, some data would need to be included on the disc to make the addition of more characters at a later date possible. But because of the generally negative outlook that on-disc DLC elicits from the community, the team at BioWare has decided that it isn't worth the hassle.

"Because of how deeply enmeshed in the system companion characters are, we can’t just add them on the fly, part of them has to be shipped on the disc," he said. "[This] has led to criticism that we’re forcing people to pay for content they already own."

"It’s not the case, but we’ve decided this time to not go that route," he added. "There will be no DLC party members."

Because of this, players will have access to a total of nine party members to choose from in the final version of the game. Confirmed characters so far are Cassandra, Iron Bull, Sera, Solas, Varric and Vivienne.

Source: IGN

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    hatofawesome says:

    Im okay with this…cause I never buy the dlc for new characters, specially DA2 where we just have more political garbage! Shale was acceptable because…SHALE!


    Anyway I think this is a good idea to not bother with character dlc. If I want DLC I want some extra story experience! LOTS OF MORE STORY!

  2. 0
    MechaTama31 says:

    It's all good.  If you ever start a band, maybe you can be Andrew and the Elicits.  You can watch the look on people's faces as they try to parse that…  😉

  3. 0
    Andrew Eisen says:

    Ah, you're pointing out a typo in the article.  I don't know how the hell I misconstrued your comment in the first place but I remember reading "elicits" as a noun, like it was referring to a group of people.


    Anyway, typo fixed.  Thanks.


    Andrew Eisen

  4. 0
    MechaTama31 says:

    Elicit: transitive verb

    1:  to draw forth or bring out (something latent or potential) <hypnotism elicited his hidden fears>

    2:  to call forth or draw out (as information or a response) <her remarks elicited cheers>

    Illicit: adjective

    1: not allowed by law : unlawful or illegal

    2: involving activities that are not considered morally acceptable

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Bioware worst customer service ever! These new creatures that took over after Dragon Age Origins have destroyed the once great reputation this studio had.

  6. 0
    Longjocks says:

    "Stuff you already paid for up front…"

    The thing is that you haven't paid for it. You pay for a license to use a specific piece of software and for the storage media it comes on. You haven't paid for the license to use the extra software until you pay for the DLC. Sure, feel free to argue calling it something more appropriate like "unlockable content" instead, either way it's software you haven't paid to use until you purchase the license, despite the moniker attached to it.

    Trust me, I'm not a fan of this kind of extra content and don't purchase it. Anyone can protest it and what it does to gaming, should they feel strongly about it. However, tackling it from the angle of it being something you've paid for, when you haven't, is silly. There are actual legitimate arguments against this kind of monetisation (and some for it, I should add – no black and white).

    On an unrelated note about the article in general – because I don't want to post a second comment – this whole thing seems like BS to me. Yes, you have to include the architecture for additional characters in the game. But if it's to the extent in which BioWare are claiming, does that mean every future character ever to be included has been planned out and created? Surely when developing future content with additional characters you haven't coded yourself into a corner to not allow any flexibility to change or create content? On the surface it just seems to be a game of spite, at least until this can be explained properly.

  7. 0
    GrimCW says:

    Its not DLC thats the issue, its ON DISC content that is. Stuff you already paid for up front and are charged to unlock later over a small bit of missing content that was deliberately with held.

    Also, pretty sure they're talking far more than cosmetic stuff.. thats BEYOND easy to attach to anything. I think they're speaking additional characters that would need to interact with others in the game world.

    Trick is.. they could just do the same they had for KotoR with HK51 and make them pretty much silent watchers, and I doubt it'd have any impact on anyones opinion.

  8. 0
    jedidethfreak says:

    Game company announces cosmetic launch DLC:  "You assholes!  DLC's a complete ripoff!!!"

    Game company announces no cosmetic launch DLC:  "You assholes!  Why no DLC?"

  9. 0
    Neo_DrKefka says:

    What he is doing is simple the customers who are left want choice and they were never going to give this choice so what do they do? Blame it on the customers which is typical Bioware fashion and try to move on. I’m suprised they didn’t add in they are also blaming gamers because they are anti gay again. I can see a Jim Sterling hit piece blaming all gamers.

  10. 0
    GrimCW says:

    Problem being you don't need ANYTHING except the code to ALLOW the added characters and DLC content, or at the least allow injected code from additional patches that would add the content and characters. 

    There shouldn't be names even included at that point.

    This was done just fine for years prior to the more modern payed DLC content. Hell, whole custom player content is/was possible without any need for half of that being included… oh wait.. right.. console DRM prevents the obvious.. I was thinking PC side.

    Maybe they should give the obvious reason as opposed to making excuses. But then that may upset the consolers and lead to more complaints about their locked down systems. Leading to problems with the manufacturers…

  11. 0
    Technogeek says:

    I feel like the problem is more to do with the fact that it's very easy for people who don't really know what they're doing to stumble across traces of DLC characters on the disc and become convinced that the entire character is there, or that it was going to be on the disc but was held back to be made into DLC because money.

    I mean, that's exactly what happened with Mass Effect 3 and Javik. Of course, that controversy was soon drowned out by the one about how the game ended, but it still lasted long enough to get written about on this very website.

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