Unwinnable Weekly Crowdfunding Campaign Hits Half-Way Mark, With Six Days to Go

With less than six days to go before its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign ends, the Unwinnable Weekly digital magazine project has raised $15,275 of its $35,000 goal. Unwinnable Weekly is a weekly digital magazine featuring writing from gaming site Unwinnable's list of excellent contributors.

Unwinnable promises that future issues of the weekly digital magazine will feature the best games and culture criticism from the all-star voices that have made Unwinnable great over the last four years including Stu Horvath, Gus Mastrapa, Jenn Frank, Cara Ellison, Matt Marrone, Brendan Keogh, Richard Clark, Chris Dahlen, Brian Taylor, Kris Ligman, Jill Scharr, Sam Machkovech, Ian Gonzales, Steve Haske, Joe DeMartino, L. Rhodes, J.P. Grant, and many more.

"$35,000 represents one year of bare bones production costs (plus shipping costs for the Kickstarter rewards, natch)," reads the project's Kickstarter page. "This will ensure that all of our volunteers, from editors to writers to artists, get modest reimbursement for their thoughts and labors," the publication writes on its Kickstarter page. "Every penny raised over our initial goal goes to making Unwinnable even better."

You can contribute to this campaign by visiting its Kickstarter project page. If you want writing about games that is unlike anything you are going to find anywhere else, then you should definitely consider funding this project.

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