Wargaming Teams With Russian Kubinka Tank Museum to Restore WWII-Era Tank

World of Tanks and World of Planes maker Wargaming today announced its plans to join with its long-term partner the Russian Kubinka Tank Museum to reconstruct and put back in running condition the only remaining Panzer VIII Maus tank.

The World War II era Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus is the heaviest, fully enclosed armored fighting vehicle used during that war. Weighing 188 tons, only two prototypes were ever completed. The last remaining model is housed at the Kubinka Museum with an empty hull. The museum and Wargaming intend to re-build its interior from scratch based on authentic diagrams, with missing parts to be restored in single quantities at a number of tank-building plants. The entire process will be supervised by experienced warfare instaurators and the final product will be stored at the Kubinka Museum so that people from all over the world may come see the renowned vehicle with their own eyes.

“Wargaming closely cooperates with military museums around the world,” said Andrei Yarantsau, VP of Publishing at Wargaming. “We are excited to contribute to the Kubinka’s initiative and plan on supporting the museum in future. We’ll help it put together an exclusive collection of armored warfare, assisting it in lifting and reconstruction of legendary military vehicles and enriching its exhibition with renowned machines from private collections from across the world. A unique selection of legendary warfare will attract military enthusiasts from Russia and abroad, sparking interest towards military history and inspiring younger generations to learn more about their country’s past.”

The video to your left has more information on this effort. For more information about all the games made by Wargaming, check out www.wargaming.com.

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