Georgia Passes Law Providing $25 Million in Tax Credits to the Video Games Industry

Georgia has signed into law a new tax incentive program for video game makers. The new law, House Bill 958, puts up $25 million in tax credits for video game developers in the region.

There are several high profile studios in the region including Hi-Rez Studios (Smite), Tripwire Interactive (Rising Storm) and CCP Games (EVE Online).

CCP won't be taking advantage of these tax breaks for World of Darkness, which it canceled yesterday. The MMO was being developed in Atlanta. Those who remain in CCP's Atlanta (the company laid off 50+ employees this week in that studio), office will work to support the company's long-running MMO game Eve Online.

The bill was signed into law yesterday by Georgia governor Nathan Deal. The $25 million for the video games industry is part of a package of tax breaks for food banks and energy-efficient item vendors in Georgia.

Source: Gamasutra

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