Ubisoft Backpedals on Giving Journalists at ‘Watch Dogs’ Paris Press Event Free Tablets

This NeoGAF thread and a subsequent post on OXM reveals that journalists attending a Watch Dogs event in Paris were given a Nexus 7 Tablet to review the game's second screen capabilities.

OXM's post about the event and the gifts handed out details how the situation unfolded:

"I went to see Watch Dogs in Paris recently," writes OXM Deputy Editor Edwin Evans-Thirlwell. "I can't tell you anything about that yet for embargo reasons, but thanks to the Force of Revelation that is PCGamesN's Steve Hogarty, I can tell you about the "asset stick" I was handed before we boarded the train to the venue. It's an Asus Google Nexus 7 tablet – leading man Aiden Pearce's 'favourite' tablet, supposedly – which now sells for about £200 brand new. Also in the accompanying Watch Dogs-branded napsack: a bottle of mineral water, a leather tablet case and a box of Smints. I'll admit to keeping and eating the Smints. OK, I've drunk the water too. I'm only human, you monsters."

PCGamesN's Steve Hogarty detailed the giveaway on Twitter, saying, "Ubisoft gave journalists a free Nexus 7 each at an exclusive Watchdogs preview event in Paris. Oh Ubisoft."

Other UK journalists and freelance writers confirmed on Twitter that Ubisoft had been handing out these tablets at the event, but most said that they either didn't accept it or planned to give it away to a charity like GamesAid.

After news of the giveaway broke, Ubisoft issued the following statement:

"During a recent Watch Dogs preview event, a number of UK journalists were given gift bags containing a tablet that was preloaded with Watch Dogs videos, screenshots and relevant links," a company spokesperson said. "This isn't in line with our policies for working with journalists who cover our games, as we understand that gifts of this kind might be misconstrued. We apologize for the error and are sorry for any confusion."

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