China’s Communist Party Publicly Shames Politicians for Online Gambling, Drinking, and Gaming

In China, the Communist Party's Discipline Inspection Committee began issuing weekly reports on its website that publicly shame government officials for what seems like (to those outside China at least) even the most minor of infractions. The committee’s most recent report outs the ill behavior of a whopping 220 officials for various misdeeds ranging from playing mah-jongg or gambling to playing computer games at work, according to the Wall Street Journal.

While six officials were shamed for loving online gambling or mah-jongg and nine were content to play computer games at work, far more – 44 of them – were publicly shamed for "abuse of business cars." Another nine individuals were caught drinking alcohol during the day.

But the most surprising part of the report is that the Discipline Inspection Committee encourages regular citizens to bust public officials for their bad behavior. Political corruption is a serious pet peeve in the eyes of the Chinese public, so citizens are more than eager to help out.

You can check out the un-translated version of the report here.

Source: WSJ

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