Report: 100K Xbox Unit Sales Expected in China

A QQ Games report on a BesTV earnings call this week reveals that the firm expects to sell Xbox One units in China. During its earnings call BesTV, a Chinese media giant that Microsoft partnered with to jump into the country's emerging console market, said that it would sell 100,000 units in China, where it is scheduled to launch in July.

The company also said that Microsoft would be in charge of appointing the new company's CEO, and that it would produce a variety of content exclusive and specific to the Chinese market.

BesTV executives also hinted that Xbox One games will be a lot cheaper in China than in other markets where Xbox One is sold. New Xbox One games will retail for around 300 RMB, or $40.

The deal and the pending release of Xbox One in the region is the result of the Chinese government lifting a 14 year ban on home consoles. The country did however put stipulations on anyone wanting to enter the Chinese market – the hardware and software would have to be built within the region.

Source: Games In Asia

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